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charities fight to keep tax exemption

Church, social service and recreation organizations will plead their case to Victoria city councillors tonight so that you can maintain their pandora snow leopard charm uk home tax exemptions.

Late this past year, councillors chose to phase out almost $300,000 in municipal tax forgiveness granted to 21 grandfathered properties owned by organizations such as the United Strategy for Greater Victoria, the Canadian Cancer Society as well as the CNIB.

"The issue happens every four to five years," said Coun. Chris Coleman, chairman in the council committee investigating the changes. "We need to understand the outcome modifications can have around the delivery of social services in the city."

Coleman said pandora earrings sale uk the move is not about raising revenue to the city but sharing the tax burden more fairly.

"When we decide to provide a permissive tax exemption to an organization to the great work they certainly, it does not take other taxpayers who pay their share," Coleman said.

Councillors also provide decided to adopt an advert activity definition within the tax exemption policy.

About 55 properties with portions used principally for revenue generation   including thrift stores or church parking lots rented at commercial rates   would lose a share of their tax exemptions. The alteration, which may total about $256,000, would take effect next season.

The proposed changes might have a serious effect on the affected benevolent organizations, but the lowest influence on the city's budget, said Multiple Sclerosis Society executive director Todd Abercrombie and board chair Alex Milne inside a letter to council.

I was told that these folks were relieved when council abandoned similar tax adjustments to 2006.

The outcome about the MS Society could be no less than $28,000 Best Pandora Love You Charm - Violet Clearance UK annually following the proposed 120 month phase in is completed, Abercrombie and Milne wrote. Gaming Community Grant, the MS Society doesn't receive any government funding, they said.

"By granting this tax exemption, the town is recognizing the dear work that perform for the greater good of our own society."

Gordon Burton, treasurer for your Central Baptist Church, said changing the tax structure for the church's Pandora Avenue parkade would have a serious impact.

Whilst the parkade, carried out in 1998, generates significant revenue, expenses   especially for security, that amounted to $40,000 a year   are high, he was quoted saying in a letter.

"When the parkade was carried out 1998, there wasn't any requirement of security. Breaking and entering were unknown. This changed when Our Place was constructed within the 900 block of Pandora. We quickly realized that volunteers were not able control the breaking and entering which full time coverage was essential," Burton wrote.

He said parkade revenue was $105,000 next year, while direct costs were $55,000 (excluding mortgage payments, that the parkade is a significant chunk). "Any amounts which are left are quickly utilized to generate the ministry that individuals do being a downtown church. Imposing a tax of just about $25,000 on our parkade would significantly reduce our ability to do neighbourhood outreach."

Coleman agreed there exists a cost to some organizations to operate inside the downtown. Anf the husband said the city would lose out if some of those services   such as parking given by a church   were relocated for tax purposes.

"This can be a far more complex discussion of computer appears to council initially blush. I really look forward to having people come and share their thoughts with us. I don't think the discussion is done."

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